AICA Aims & Objectives

The Alliance of Intentional Communities Australia aims to provide a comprehensive, practical and enticing package of options to cover the needs of communities at all stages of development and existence. As our organisation evolves, the AICA will offer a valuable, easily-accessible and content-rich information database plus an exciting platform for community members and leaders to share, exchange and educate.

Our primary objectives are to:

  • to provide Education and Training in the establishment and ongoing development of aspiring intentional communities
  • further Education and Training in the ongoing management and development of existing intentional communities
  • Education and Training in establishing, managing and improving community centres and local communities
  • support services for businesses and projects related to the establishment and further development of intentional communities
  • support for multi-generational awareness activities and projects that foster diverse and multicultural communities

Through these objectives, the AICA aims to:

  • provide individuals and businesses with the education, knowledge and skills to establish successful, workable, long-term intentional communities
  • assist current intentional communities in their plans for ongoing improvement and long term sustainability
  • promote lessons of successful intentional communities to the general population
  • help build fairer and resilient local economies
  • assist in resolving the poverty and homelessness crisis experienced in our communities
  • encourage and invest in enterprises that build and support sustainable and resilient communities
  • assist in creating a shift in cultural thinking of communities towards a lifestyle that leads to satisfying human needs through harmony and balance with all of creation

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