Association Member and Board Structure

The Alliance is based in Adelaide, South Australia and is growing steadily as Intentional Community living is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition in an age of housing crisis and breakdown of social cohesion. The following team are passionate about gathering people on their journey to a Better Way and would be delighted to hear from anyone who shares their desire to strengthen and grow the AICA.

Executive Committee Members

Sam Scammell

Secretary & Public Officer

Sam is employed as a lecturer at the University of Adelaide.

He has worked consistently over the last few years helping to build a resourceful future looking community in Adelaide. Coming from a legal and business background, he is interested in how legal structures and patterns of ownership influence and affect our ability to build community.

One of Sam's special research and action interests is to find great ways of consensus decision making in communities.

Ed Wilby


Ed has lead a passion focused life, building sustainable buildings, creating physical harmony each week on an Aikido mat and seeking advice on better ways to live from the world's elders of many tribes and cultures.

His passion currently is to build a strong and successful organisation to create sustainable communities and to link with other like-minded bodies as AIC Australia.

Marion Gaertner


Marion has been a strong supporter in the development of AIC Australia. Her professional skills contribute to the proper running of the Association.

Elle Vallance


Elle's has a diverse background which includes degrees in Nursing, Social Sciences, qualifications in Business, Property Investment and holistic health care plus has been involved in numerous self-build and renovation projects.

She is currently immersed in a co-housing project in Adelaide.

Additional Contributing Members

Milla Abello-Rode

Social Media Admin

Mike Crowhurst

Website Admin & Videographer