Who are the Alliance of Intentional Communities Australia (AICA)?

We are an independent, not-for-profit association established to bring together and assist individuals in their pursuit of living a fulfilling life within and supported by the wider community.

What is an Intentional Community?

"An intentional community is a group of people who have chosen to live together with a common purpose, working cooperatively to create a lifestyle that reflects their shared core values. The people may live together on a piece of rural land, in a suburban home, or in an urban neighborhood, and they may share a single residence or live in a cluster of dwellings." ~ Lifestyles Based on Ideals


What are the objectives of the AICA Association?

  • to provide Education and Training in the establishment and ongoing development of intentional communities
  • further Education and Training in the ongoing management and development of existing intentional communities
  • Education and Training in establishing, managing and improving community centres and local communities
  • support services for businesses and projects related to the establishment and further development of intentional communities
  • support for multi-generational awareness activities and projects that foster diverse and multicultural communities

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About this website

We are currently developing a website that fully reflects our vision of providing valuable tools, rich resources and an exciting online community that fulfills our objectives for helping create and maintain intentional communities throughout Australia. This website will always be a "work-in-progress" but we are at an early stage of laying the foundation that we will build off for years to come, so please bear with us!

What you will find on the site right now:


Find out more about how the AICA works, about our team and becoming a Member


View the upcoming schedule of useful events nationwide


An ever-growing repository of useful links and articles


Keep up-to-date via our Blog (coming soon) or Facebook

We invite you to join our organisation

The AICA aims to provide a feature-rich experience on this website for anyone interested in intentional community living, with special emphasis on Australia.

We encourage those who are working towards building, growing or maintaining community to become an AICA Member as we will be able to journey with you in a far more hands-on and engaging manner, providing you with more core comprehensive resources and tools than the general website will be provide. In addition, you will be helping build the capabilities of our online community allowing you to have a more immersive and educational relationship with other communities as well.

––––– Here are four more reasons to become part of the Alliance –––––

We Take Responsibility

AICA members recognise the challenges of modern lifestyles and approaches to the economy and environment.

As the dominant sentient species we have a responsibility to present and future generations to look after the planet, to take action to prevent catastrophic damage to the biosphere and economies of the world. We recognise the need for these to both be in balance for life to be healthy and successful. 

We Take Action

We value action and evaluation as ways to find the best practical solutions to address the changes in our world that do not contribute to the healthy harmony and balance of our planet 

We Celebrate Diversity

We celebrate and foster diverse and multicultural communities as being the most likely to be healthy and sustainable.

We Value Consensus

We value open, explicit communication, honesty, sharing of information and collaborative experiences as ways of improving effectiveness and efficiency, but also as ways of building connection with each other.

We appreciate consensus as a respectful way of making decisions which affect all. We practice resolving conflicts through discussion and techniques that reflect the issues requiring solutions